High Hatch offers you a wide range of live poultry products and logistic solutions at very competitive prices.


We ship only the highest quality goods to our valued customers. 


Hatching egg and Day-old Chick products include:

  • Fast Growing Broiler - Ross 308, Ross 708, Cobb 500 and Hubbard Flex
  • Slow Growing Broiler - Hubbard Redbro
  • Layer Products - ISA, HY-LINE and Lohmann
  • Duck - Cherry Valley Pekin eggs

Ross 308


The Ross 308 meets the needs of clients who need a bird that both performs consistently well and is able to adapt to meet a broad range of end-product requirements. It has the following attributes:





  • Rapid growth
  • Feed conversion efficiency
  • Good quantity of meat
  • High egg production
  • Resistance to disease

Ross 708


The Ross 708 is a very profitable solution and has the following attributes:






  • Parent stock has been developed to maximise breeder performance without compromising the efficiency of meat production.
  • High meat yielding birds require emphasis to be placed on the improvement of key traits.
  • Feed conversion efficiency is of paramount importance particularly where broilers are grown to heavy weights.

Cobb 500


The Cobb 500 is the world's most efficient broiler. It has the following attributes:







  • Low cost of live weight produced
  • High feed efficiency
  • Excellent growth rate
  • Best broiler uniformity for processing

This attributes give the Cobb 500 the lowest cost per kilogram of live-weight produced worldwide.

Hubbard Redbro, Flex & F15


High Hatch is also able to supply Redbro chickens. An interesting alternative to our core products.


Redbro Chickens are originally from England, however today the most advanced breeding centres are located in France and the US.


High Hatch supplies Hubbard Redbro M and S wich are derived from a Cornish cross and Malaysian fighting birds. These are some of their attributes:


  • At 35 days Redbro has a weight of 1.2 kg and by the age of two months chicks weigh more than 2.5 kg.
  • They do not depend much on the temperature conditions, adapting easily to any climatic conditions.
  • Can be grown in both commercial and domestic level.

Hubbard Standard & Hubbard Classic


The Hubbard Standard provides an optimal balance between reproductive and broiler performance in a standard breeder. The Hubbard Classic Broiler is feather sex-able. It is fast growing resulting in low live cost, quick readiness for market. They have the following attributes:






  • They can be used over a wide bodyweight range starting at lighter bodyweights from 1.2 - 1.8 kg / 2.6 - 4.0 lbs.
  • It is ideally suited for markets where live and whole dressed birds are sold.
  • The broiler can also be grown for the higuer weight whole bird markets (2.2 - 2.4 kg / 3.8 - 4.3 lbs).
  • In hot or tropical climates the Hubbard Standard Broiler is recognised for its ability to maintain its appetite allowing it to maintain growth rates even when lower density feeds are used.

Peckin Ducks


High Hatch also works in partnership with Cherry Valley Farms Ltd - the World's leading breeder of Pekin Ducks. These are white feathered with either pink or yellow beaks, similar in appearance to the Aylesbury Duck but are actually completely different breeds.


The late Sir Joseph Nickerson, a pioneer of the duck industry based in North Lincolnshire, UK, established Cherry Valley in 1959. The company has grown and innovated, developing into a successful business combining a growing global genetics and breeding operation with a UK based food operation focused on supplying the food service sector.


Today Cherry Valley Farms Ltd supplies high quality Pekin duck breeding stock around the world from its farms in UK and Germany and in China from its local premises and joint venture companies like High Hatch.

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