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Welcome to High Hatch

High Hatch is a well-established agriculture and agri-food exporter with long-standing success in the global marketplace.


We pride ourselves on our systems and policies that ensure world-class standards.


We provide an integrated service to our customers across the globe from sourcing, production, handling and packaging, sales, distribution, and logistical services.


If you require assistance, our experienced staff will provide you with expert guidance.


We're looking forward to working with you.


About us

High Hatch is a commercial hatching eggs agrifood supply and EU customs-authorised forwarding company that operates as a part of the international supply chain of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and business & technical consultancy.


We bridge the purchasing procurement of needs of our buyers with quality farms and producers from the Iberian Peninsula and elsewhere. We typically ship full container loads.


The live products are from farms that are highly focused on producing the best export quality eggs (fast and/or slow growing breeds). The farms have a long history with a lot of experience in agrifood production and fully comply with international health and sanitary standards. For export the eggs must be fresh and we give a hatchability guarantee.


Much care is taken with maintaining optimum logistic solutions with high standards of transport. All the relevant health and export documentation is fully prepared to allow the products to pass through customs as quickly as possible.


What makes us different?


Where We Add Value in the Global Export of Hatching Eggs.


International trade is more that just buying and selling on an international basis. It can be incredibly complicated and brings with it significant risk. Our aim is to minimise the risk through seriousness, responsibility and commitment to all links along the supply stream.


We provide security for clients both in terms of the quality of hatching eggs and credit control. Our approach to negotation aims to offer the best product at the best price. And our communication skills focus on client-based results and solutions.


Throughout the process we provide:


  • Expert knowledge in the field of supplying the highest quality products.
  • Supervision of sales, export, documentation, logistic processes and transport tracking.
  • Experience and language knowledge that allows us to work with companies worldwide.
  • Well organised and tailor-made fulfilment of orders to match the specific needs of our clients.
  • Seriousness, responsibility and commitment to all along the supply chain.




Jon Griffith attended universities in the United Kingdom and Spain, and holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in finance, management and intellectual property. He has extensive international experience in business development in particular for large UK and Spanish corporations with a focus on sales distribution.  In his spare time Jon has pursued various activities to professional level including horse riding and judo. Originally from London, Jon has strong ancestral ties with the Iberian Peninsula being a direct descendant of John of Gaunt.  

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